We are interested in the future and in readying the scientific minds of tomorrow to innovate, invent and break new ground.

The School of Mathematics, 科学, and Engineering (MSE) offers degree programs for science-minded students. All programs are designed to challenge students and prepare them for their professional careers or for graduate school. MSE graduates go on to a wide variety of careers, 包括生物学, 工程, 医学, 牙科, 教学与科研.


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With more than a dozen degree offerings, students can find and pursue the right program that will help them reach their professional goals.




Designed for working professionals, the Master of 科学 in Nutrition prepares students to help improve health and wellness through nutrition and dietetics.


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学生 from any program can expand their studies and deepen their understanding of important scientific and mathematical concept offered by SMSE’s minors.


School of Math, 科学与工程 by the Numbers

Learn more about SMSE through some quick facts.

$5.6m Grant funds awarded in the last 5 years
1 Broadcast Meteorology program in Texas
13:1 师生比例
16 平均班级人数


2月. 2024年:反思


Ash Wednesday was a few days ago, starting the Lenten countdown toward Holy Week and Easter. But maybe some of us are not completely clear as to why these weeks of preparation are there in the first place.

Celebrating Black 历史 Month


The 校本 community is proud to celebrate Black 历史 Month with a series of events featuring students, faculty and community members. With an emphasis on recognizing history, 文化, legacies and the continuous impact Black individuals have across the nation, hosts and participants will recall their experiences and reflect on Black history and the ongoing pursuit of a more just society.

U.S. Army Chief of 牧师 Makes Historic 访问 to 校本


2月. 1943年3月3日,美国军队.S. Army Transport Dorchester traveling from New York to Greenland was torpedoed by a German U-boat in the Labrador Sea. The steamship was carrying 904 service members, including four U.S. 军队牧师. In the time immediately following the blast, the four chaplains of various faith backgrounds worked to get others to safety, offered calming words and helped organize evacuations into lifeboats. When it became clear that there were not enough life jackets for those onboard, the four chaplains removed theirs, 送给别人, then linked arms and prayed together as the ship sank. 从那以后,2月. 3 has been known as Four 牧师 Day and serves as an annual reminder of the work and sacrifice of those called to share God’s message or offer spiritual support in the U.S. 武装部队.


One-week event for high school students with hands-on math activities, food, and more!



Dr. 卡洛斯·加西亚


"Welcome to the School of Mathematics, 科学, and Engineering (SMSE) at the University of the Incarnate Word. At SMSE we are interested in the future, with our highest priority preparing the citizens and scientific workers that will live in that future."

Dr. 卡洛斯·加西亚
Dean of the School of Mathematics, 科学与工程

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院长办公室: Bonilla 科学 Hall 128, 4301 Broadway, CPO # 311, San Antonio, Texas 78209
Administrative Assistant to the Dean: Susan Castillo (210) 832-2174 macast10@uiwtx.edu
电子邮件: smse@uiwtx.edu

The future of the scientific workforce in San Antonio and throughout Texas are prepared for launch at 校本's School of Mathematics, 科学与工程.